Every gown has a story!

Choosing a dress for a white-tie ball is more than just shopping; it’s an exercise in fantasy fulfillment. Every woman is a princess at the Swan Ball — you can see in her carriage and her face. But it all starts with the gown.

   Barbara Burns’

head-turning mermaid dress was created by Miss Kathy at

Elegant Alterations

in Nashville, with some help from Miss Jenny. She had spoken to Miss Kathy about doing a dress on a number of occasions, and this turned out to be the perfect opportunity to bring the plan to fruition. The result was a stunning, form-fitting gown of coral silk that shifted in color through the spectrum of oranges to flame red, depending on the light. “When I put this on, i felt like Cinderella — and it’s so beautifully made, inside and out, it’s just incredible,” Barbara said, praising the gown’s creators.

“I loved letting them have the opportunity to make this as much as I love wearing it!” The shape of the gown really flattered Barbara’s figure — a strapless neckline on a bodice featured a faintly pleated band around the bust trimmed in tulle, then a ribcage-clinging lower bodice that hinted at a corset shape.

The gored skirt followed the body cleanly to the knee, where it swelled out in a fabulous mermaid tail.

With a flavor of classic flamenco, this was one of the most spectacular gowns of the evening.


Contact Form: Mimi Pears

Comments : I was so pleased with the beautiful dress they custom made for my daughters College sorority rush week. We unsucessfully looked all over NYC and Nashville for a dress made out of a specific material. They custom made the perfect dress for her in only three days! We are grateful for their fast and professional service. Don't run all over the country looking for a specific dress just have them make it for you!

It is definently worth it.

Mimi Pears

Brentwood, TN


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